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2017-12-08 15:15:27

Entangled seal pup at Crackington Haven

BDMLR received a call on 12-10-17 from the Cornwall 101 police non-emergency number regards an entangled seal pup in trouble on the North Coast at Crackington Haven.

I was called to the scene immediately and was given the number of the finders who had rung the police in first instance, who found the entangled seal pup and made communication.

I rang BDMLR local team members, Ado Shorland and Sharon Bond for extra help as this wasn’t a one man job and we had half hour before tide reached pup.

Once arrived at the beach I was met with finders Rhiannon, her partner Freddie, and family, who took me direct to where the seal pup was, on the beach amongst the rocks and boulders.

I was looking at a huge trawler net which also had a dead Sea bird in the entanglement around the neck, almost like a head dress.

Ado met me on the beach just in time as pup was deciding to climb over the rocks and head for the sea. Ado jumped the pup in this difficult location between the rocks whilst I cut the trawler net off from the round the neck. We were pretty shocked to discover that the netting hadn’t cut or damaged the skin. It just left a fine indent on the fur around the neck. The net was pretty tight but Ado managed to put his finger just underneath the net so i could cut away easily.

We brought the pup onto the beach where we could assess her health in more detail and safely, this is where we met Sharon Bond also local medic, who kept public and dogs at bay whilst we checked pup. Pup was a good weight, good temperature and had good feistiness,

We needed confirmation from our BDMLR vet Darryl Thorpe that he agreed pup was fit for release. Thankfully it was all agreed, but he suggested a tube feed of Life Aid to help her on way, of which I administered with assistance from Sharon who also disposed of the filthy trawler net.

I rang Dan Jarvis, Field support officer, and BDMLR medic, that he was happy with the location & conditions on beach to release. Pleased to say that he confirmed it was all was good to go.

Sharon, Ado & I with the help of local resident and friend of Ado’s, Ben” who kindly drove his wagon onto the beach so we could release pup straight into sea safely.

This was a very rewarding day to witness, as this doesn’t happen often!!

Huge thanks to Cornwall police, Ben the wagon driver, finders Rhiannon, Freddie and family and of course medics Ado Shorland, Sharon Bond, Dan Jarvis and BDMLR vet Darryl Thorpe.

BDMLR Cornwall Assistant Coordinator
Michelle Robinson

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