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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-09-24 13:03:42

Seal pup call out

Seal pupI received a call (19 September) from Medics Sue and Paul Horne who were out walking their dog and had noticed a seal pup hauled out within our area. Initial concerns were that although from a distance, and across the water, the pup seemed fine, it was allowing dogs near it and showing no signs of normal wild behaviour.

Medic Willie Taylor and Volunteer Alan Dowds were called and agreed to go check the situation out until Sue and Paul could make their way over to the other side of the river. Sue reported back that the common pup, estimated at 3ft in length was of excellent body condition, respirations were normal and there was no sign of any discharges etc from the eyes, ears or nose. Alan and Willie remained with the pup over 2 tidal cycles whilst Sue returned home to e mail photos to me. Satisfied with Sue’s reports and the photos that followed, it was agreed that we would babysit this pup until it got dark to keep dog walkers away. Willie called later in the evening to say that the pup had moved from its position and had taken to the water on the flow tide.

Many thanks to Medics Sue and Paul Horne, Willie Taylor, Volunteer Alan Dowds, Sue White at Head Office, SSPCA Middlebank for provisional booking of a seal pen and to Tayforth Medic Sally Hessey for being on standby if a relay was required.

Elaine Roft
Marine Mammal Medic