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2007-01-07 11:35:32

Iggy goes south

Paula and I received a call from Irene Pearce a Caithness Medic, she had a report from a friend that a seal pup is laying around on a popular dog walking beach in the area looking very lethargic, it looked like it was weaned and very tired.

By 3.30pm some 40 minutes later we met Irene’s friend at the car park near the beach and she guided us over the dunes to the seal. He was laying on his side asleep on the open beach in the sand, after an initial examination there was no obvious signs of trauma, however eyes where very dry and gums a little puffy. The seal was indeed very slow in its movement and to be honest made no attempts to get away or even defend its self while being moved to examine all of its body. It was decided; bearing in mind how busy this beach was with dog walkers, that it would be unwise to leave it in place so the pup was lifted/carried in a seal bag back over the dunes.

On arrival back at my house it weighed in at 25kg, and was fed with the idea of seeing how it was with a good meal and a nights rest, looking at a possible release onto a quite beach in the morning.

Morning came and although he was looking a little brighter not in anyway mobile and the gums were still swollen. Paula spoke with James Barnett and a trip to the vets was suggested. At 2.00pm I arrived at Thurso vets to meet Mandy and the vet, after a thorough examination there was no apparent problems apart from the swollen gums and the lethargy. I informed James Barnet and he suggested the pup was fed with fish soup overnight and some antibiotics given to see how it was in the morning, if looking better to release him if not then send him for rehab down the line.

Seal not looking much better this morning so the decision is made that it need rehab in the South after breakfast and lunch in Caithness of fish soup the seal is dispatched, with Marine Medic Pincher Martin to be met in Inverness by Marine Medic Alexandra Barr who would carry the seal to Focabars for its final leg (I think that should be flipper) with Andy Ireland. Thankyou to Mark Stevens for orgnising Iggies Rehab bed.

Richard Bradley