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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-01-04 12:16:52

Common seal pup rescue, Holland on Sea

On January 4th at about 11.30am I was busy doing some work at the vets when one of the nurses come down and told me that there was a man in reception saying that he had seen an injured seal on Holland beach. I went and spoke to him and he showed me the rough size of it and said it was a light grey colour and that he had blood around his face. I tried phoning Leon Woodrow at first but could not get through, so then I tried Faye Archell and couldn't get through again, I kept trying to phone round different people that may be able to get down but I could not reach anyone. So once it got to my lunch break at 1pm I decided to take a walk down there. I saw a group of people standing around on the promenade; I went up to them and saw a very cute looking seal pup. I asked if anyone had phoned the RSPCA then two people approached me and said they were medics from BDMLR, these two people were Clare and Gary Hooker. They told me that they had managed to get hold of Leon and that he was on his way. I could see blood on his nose and mouth, which was probably caused buy climbing over the rocks and up the slope, I did not see the injury to his rear flipper until Neil Saban whose is a coastguard and is also a medic jumped the seal pup. The seal pup was relayed to East Winch by Clare Hooker and Ashleigh Rouse where the bite wound to the rear flipper was cleaned up and turned out to be superficial. But the pup also has a nasty mouth ulcer and is being sorted out by the staff at East Winch.

Once the seal pup was in good hands I went back to work, 10 minutes late and freezing cold but it was well worth it just to know the pup was ok.

Thank you too Gary and Clare Hooker, Leon Woodrow, Neil Saban, Ashleigh Rouse and the members of the public that reported it to me at the vets and to BDMLR.

Kelly Robinson
BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic