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2007-01-13 12:24:38

'Stardust' rescued at Filey, Yorkshire

I received a text from Alan Stewart on Saturday 13th January that reported a seal with an abscess a 1/4 mile from West Road on Filey beach. After a quick call to Alan I set off to the beach which is about 2 minutes, by car, from my house.

I parked at the end of the beach , grabbed my bag and set off in search of the seal, a mile later I began to have a few doubts to the details I had received! Then a couple walking back to Filey stopped to tell me that the seal was MUCH further up the beach. With this news I had a dilemma. Did I return to the car, drive to Primrose Valley & try to find it from there or keep walking?

Eventually I decided that the best thing was to call Bev Drayton. I explained the situation to her and she decided that she would come out with the seal bag and meet me at the seal.

So after about a 2 mile walk I finally got to the seal. The member of the public was still waiting with the seal and trying to keep dogs away from her. On first assessment of the seal she was quite alert and bright eyed and not particularly thin. However there was a very large abscess on her back.

Bev and Ryan soon arrived with the seal bag and expertly jumped the seal. It was then that we established that the seal was actually underweight and also had blood on his back flips. We then transferred her to the seal bag and Ryan and myself carried her up the cliff. At the car we transferred her to the kennel and took her to Sea Life in Scarborough where she weighed in at 16 kilos and had a temperature of 39.5. Her new name Space Dust (Spacey for short) as all the seals at Sea Life have to be named after sweets.

Thanks to everyone involved, Alan, Bev and Ryan, the member of the public (sorry I didn't get your name) who made the call and Helen at Sea Life. A special thanks to Bev for sharing her knowledge, bringing the vital seal bag and buying me a cuppa and a cake on the way home!!

Tracy Guild
MMM Filey