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2007-01-16 12:54:58

Common Seal Rescue - Peterhead Lido

At 18.10 Stacey Esson (Buchan Medic) was contacted by a member of the public to report a seal that was very unresponsive, and in a busy dog walking area.

Stacey headed to the scene and was there by 18.15. Stacey had a look at the seal and confirmed that it was not behaving as it should and contacted Andy Ireland (Buchan Coordinator). Andy got the kit together and headed down to the Peterhead Lido where the seal was lying. On route Andy contacted Jason Cater (BDMLR on Call) to advise that the Buchan team were attending to a seal.

On arrival the seal was a juvenile Common, non-responsive and was oblivious to the fact we were using torches to light up the area and even that there were people around. We monitored breathing and it was raspy and high at around 17 breaths per minute. Stacey straddled the seal and it never put up any fight. Andy took the temperature which was low at 34.5. The pup’s temperature was obvious from initial examination due to its constant shivering. We contacted Elaine Roft (Montrose Co-ordinator) to confirm the status of uplifting. We then placed the seal in to our kennel for uplift to Grampian Wildlife Trust in New Deer. The youngster weighed in at around 24kg but we suspected it may have pneumonia, which the Montrose team have been experiencing a lot with the commons in the area.

Stacey completed the rescue by taking the seal on to New Deer. On arrival she uploaded it in to a pen and left for Lawrence to assess.

We can only hope that we got to this seal in time and that it makes it through the next few days.

Thanks must go to the vigilant and quick thinking public, Stacey Esson (Buchan Medic), Andy Ireland (Buchan Coordinator), Jason Carter (BDMLR on Call), Elaine Roft (Montrose Co-ordinator), and Lawrence Brain (Grampian Wildlife Trust).

Andy Ireland
Buchan Regional Coordinator

17/01/07: Andy Ireland Called Elaine Roft to discuss possibility of bloods from this seal for reasons above. It was suggested by SSPCA that the pup be transferred to them on Saturday so that further tests and observations could be carried out. Updates to follow. The pup has now been named "Minnie".

24/01/07: Common Pup uplifted from Peterhead Lido and taken to GWT then transferred to Inverkeithing.

Comment by: Romain Pizzi BVSc MSc DZooMed FRES MACVSc(Surg) MRCVS Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recognised specialist in Zoo & Wildlife Medicine.

"ID "Minnie" / "Judas" / 90: cause of death - No real answer I am afraid, as was quite autolysed (post-mortem deterioration, the destruction of cells by their own enzymes) when the post mortem was performed. A little thin, with empty gut, and some generalised congestion (which may suggest a septicaemia), but nothing else specific I'm afraid. weight was confirmed as 15.2kg"