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2007-01-16 13:06:47

Injured pup rescued from remote cove, Cornwall

Late in the afternoon, Coordinator Dave Jarvis received a call about an injured pup at Porth Meor Cove near Porthcothan, North of Newquay. Assistant Coordinator Jenny Haley, with Medics Lisa Clarke and Dan Jarvis met up at the farm belonging to the caller with rescue equipment while Dave and Medic Lesley Jarvis loaded up the seal cage and got underway.

Jenny, Lisa and Dan had to follow the caller and his family in their car down a tractor access track, through a field and then down another track at the other end before it descended into the cove. As it was dark, torches were used to locate the pup, which swiftly took flight down the rocky beach towards the water, but was quickly headed off by the Medics and restrained by Jenny for a health examination.

Even before jumping the pup, it was already obvious that it was malnourished, and closer inspection revealed a large laceration over the right shoulder, possibly caused by fishing net, and a large open wound on the lower right abdomen. The temperature was normal. The pup was tube fed rehydration fluids, put inside the seal bag and removed from the cove back to the farm.

Once back in phone signal range, the National Seal Sanctuary was informed and confirmed that they would take it in, while the pup was transferred to the seal cage brought by Dave and Lesley, and then further inspected by Medic/veterinarian Sean Langton. Dan then drove the pup down to Gweek where it underwent a clinical examination and was named 'Smurf'.

Dave Jarvis
Cornwall Coordinator
British Divers Marine Life Rescue