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2007-01-19 13:12:03

Seal rescued from someone's bath!!! Honest!!!!!!!!

We received a call from Alan Knight asking if we could attend a seal. He had received a call from the RSPCA saying that a member of the public had ‘rescued’ a seal pup from the beach and put it in her bath. After a few questioning comments we set off to Mappleton to assess the seal and the validity of the bath story. Well yes the seal had been brought up from the beach in a wheelbarrow and put in the house bath. The lady explained that she was concerned about the condition of the seal and there were a lot of people and dogs about which increased her anxiety with regards to the seals wellbeing. She thought that the seal needed to be in water and in the warmth and it was with good intention that she put it in her bath. When we arrived at the house the seal had been moved back outside in the wheelbarrow. The RSPCA had spoken to the lady and with their advice she put the seal outside.

On initial inspection the seal looked relatively healthy, clear eyes and mouth, very alert (aggressive). Assessing further it became clear that all was not well for this little seal, it sounded full of fluid when breathing and its shape did not appear right. It was fat in the middle but thin around the neck and back. After speaking to Linzi at Scarborough Sealife Centre we agreed that it needed transporting. So off we went, with Adam in the back of the van monitoring the seal.

Once assessed by Linzi and Helen at Scarborough it was clear how unwell ‘Snickers’ (the now named seal) was. Although it was feisty Linzi thought this may be due to internal injuries or infection causing pain. Snickers had hyperthermia and pneumonia. Antibiotics were given, tube fed, placed under a heat lamp and assessed throughout the night (yet another sleepless night for Linzi and Helen).

Thank you to Linzi and Helen for there support and dedication as always. Sadly we were informed by Linzi that Snickers had died 2 days later after initial improvement.

Lisa, Neil and Adam Wray
Marine Mammal Medics
East Yorkshire