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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-01-22 13:15:37

Two seals and a Puffin!

On Monday 22nd of January Alan alerted us of a call from a member of the public in regard to a seal in Hornsea who appeared to have a head injury.

I picked Dianne (medic) up and we met Ian (medic) on the beach. It was a cold late afternoon, windy and the tide was coming in fast. The seal appeared quite ok, no injuries, lively and apparently going towards the sea. We decided that we were happy to let her stay and started to make our way back when a member of the public alerted us that there was another seal about a mile down the beach. We moved fast! The tide was coming in fast it was getting darker and the seal was definitely at least a mile down the beach!!. Ian ran ahead with Keith (member of the public) as the waves did not look friendly.

They put the seal into the seal bag and we all rushed back,. On the way back I found a puffin huddled up on the sand near the water and picked him up as he did not look very alert.

Back on the beach we quickly assessed the seal, who had a head injury and decided to take her ( actually him) to the Sea Life Centre in Scarborough. So Ian , "Minutes to spare"(the seal) "By the way" (the puffin) and myself got in the car and started our journey to Scarborough. "Minutes to spare" will make a full recovery. He was dehydrated, wheezing a bit and underweight .The injury was not too recent but infected in parts.

"By the way" was launched from Bempton Cliffs on the same night as it was explained that puffins cannot take off from the shore or walk. S/he will be ok.

Thanks to Keith (member of the public) for staying with the seal for a long time and for helping us to find him quickly. Thanks to the staff of the Sea Life Centre and everybody else who helped.

The day after we received another call alerting that the seal that we had left the day before was still on the beach and did not look very well. The night had also been very cold and snow was forecast for the day. Ian offered to go back to Scarborough. I met him at the beach and the seal had deteriorated quite visibly. We put the seal into the bag. Due to the SeaLife Centre being full, Ian drove the pup to the Swanbridge Vet practice to be tubed and after a check up Ian and his wife Sally drove the seal to Lincoln where Russell New another medic picked her up and took her to East Winch Wildlife Hospital.

Thanks again to everybody who helped in the rescue.

Freddie Taylor
Marine Mammal Medic