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2007-01-26 13:28:51

St Fergus Pup Rescue, Scotland

This morning at 1040 a member of the public contacted Andy Ireland (BDMLR Buchan Coordinator) to report a seal pup that was on Scotstown Beach, approximately one mile from the car parking area towards Peterhead.The pup was ‘abandoned’ and high up in the dunes.

At 1045 a group text was sent to the entire team to find out who would be available to go and assess the pup, Angi Long (BDMLR Buchan Medic) and Elaine Helyer (BDMLR Buchan Volunteer) both replied and advised that they could be there within 20 minutes. Angi called in on route to collect seal kit from Andy and headed off to meet Elaine Helyer at the parking area.

On arrival at the scene, the pair was greeted by two members of the MOD police who were interested as to what they were up to. After an explanation that it was all innocent and they were actually on route to a sear that had been reported, the police officers were happy to tag along. The pup was found to be a Grey pup, weaned, and had minor damage to the flippers. The temperature was 37.8 and the pup was slightly malnourished and underweight. Angi and Elaine decided to call the pup Pluto based on our Disney character theme.

Angi contacted Andy to advise him of the pup’s condition and that they were uplifting for further assessment at Grampian Wildlife Trust. Andy contacted Lawrence of Grampian Wildlife Trust to book a pen and he asked that we just place it in the outdoor pen on arrival. The pup was placed in a seal bag and carried by the two police officers back to the car park (1 mile). Elaine took the pup to Grampian Wildlife Trust and we will follow up on the seals condition once Lawrence has vet checked it.

After a full Vet check it was confirmed that Pluto was a grey seal pup in good condition with no infections, free from diarrhoea, but did have some minor cuts and grazes to the flippers. Pluto is self feeding and it is likely that he will be released back to the area later this week.

Thanks to member of the public for reporting the pup, Andy Ireland (BDMLR Buchan Coordinator), Angi Long (BDMLR Buchan Medic), PC 3943 Scullion and PC 4581 McGarry (St. Fergus MOD Police), Lawrence Brain (Grampian Wildlife Trust).

Andy Ireland
Buchan Regional Coordinator
British Divers Marine Life Rescue

UPDATE: 31st January

'Pluto' has now been released back in to the Buchan area.

He was released by Andy Ireland, Angi Long, Stacey Esson and Elaine Helyer. Some younger volunteers were also present to witness his release. He was released at 1730 in very good condition having put on some weight whilst at GWT from Friday through to tonight.