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2007-01-27 13:31:08

Police officer recognised for helping at stranding, Scotland

On Saturday 20th January 2007, Grampian police officer, PC Calvert was given a certificate of recognition for the excellent role he played in supporting a porpoise in the water whilst the BDMLR team went to get equipment to perform a re-float.

PC Calvert spotted the porpoise, on the 20th July 2006, stuck on a sandbar at the Scotstown beach in St. Fergus whilst carrying out quad patrols as part of the Dune Watch initiative. He immediately contacted the police office to raise the alarm, which in turn contacted the local BDMLR Coordinator Andrew Ireland.

BDMLR Buchan Co-ordinator, Andrew Ireland said "With the help of PC Calvert, the porpoise was successfully re-floated after a few attempts and this would not have been possible without PC Calvert’s quick thinking to raise the alarm and also his dedication to help this stranded marine mammal."

"PC Calvert was knee deep in water and waves were breaking over him as he supported the porpoise in an upright position to keep the blowhole free of water. All this time he never even gave it a second thought that he was in his police uniform which was completely soaked in sea water."

"I would like to personally thank PC Calvert and the support provided by Grampian police during the early morning rescue, BDMLR had limited resources due to the time of morning and without their support we would have struggled".