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2007-01-28 13:40:59

Another East Yorkshire Seal Rescue

On Sunday the 28th January at 11am when I was just deciding that I couldn't put the housework off any longer I received a text from Alan about a pup on Bridlington beach. After contacting Alan to let him know I could go (anything to get out of housework!) I rang Mrs Rimmer who had called the pup in.

She gave me excellent instructions to find the pup and I quickly set out to Bev Drayton's house to pick both her the seal bag up. I arrived at the same time as Gary Bolton another medic and so the three of us set out to Bridlington. We quickly located the pup & did a full assessment. Although the pup had no visible injury he was very thin and flat. It was very clear that the pup would need to come in but unfortunately Sea Life was full so it would have to be a trip to East Winch. We contacted Alan who started to organise a stop off at the vets and someone to hand the pup over to.

On the way back to the car with the seal we managed to see 3 children from St Mary's Primary School, where I work. The children were thrilled to see a rescue in action as they had all had an educational talk from Bev and helped to raise funds and collect towels for BDMLR. They stood by & watched us making sure the pup was happy & secure before we set off.

On arrival at the vets the pup was tubed and basically prepared for the long journey ahead. We then continued on over the Humber Bridge passed Lincoln to our meeting point with Russel and his wife. We passed on all the relevant details from the vets and wished Russel good luck with the rest of the journey. At last we could put the heating on and thaw out...

I finally arrived home at 8.15pm having travelled nearly 250miles. At least I had a decent excuse for not doing the housework!!

The latest information I have received about the seal is that he is now called Chisel and he weighed in at just over 14K.

Thanks to all those involved with the rescue Mrs Rimmer, Alan, Bev, Gary, Russel and his wife, Swanbridge Vets and East Winch.

Tracy Guild
MMM Filey