British Divers Marine Life Rescue
British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2007-02-05 13:48:12

Two pups escape efforts to be rescued


After receiving a call from a member of the public, concerned about a seal pup, I was dispatched to one of our patrol areas to assess its condition. The pup was very feisty and had made its way back to the water before it could be caught for general assessment. Although it appeared to have reasonable body weight, there were concerns relating to the colour of its mucous membranes. Patrols will continue to see if the pup hauls out again. Thanks to the member of the public who reported this to us (you know who you are). We have refrained from mentioning the location in a bid to keep this ill pup "safe" from harm.

Bob Pert
Montrose/Arbroath Assistant Co-ordinator


A call was received at 10.15hrs today from Mr and Mrs Dawson to Elaine's mobile, reporting a seal pup with a neck injury within our patrol areas. Myself and fellow Medic Willie Taylor responded to the call after being updated on the situation by Elaine Roft, our Co-ordinator. We met up with 1 of our Volunteers (you know who you are :-) who was already at the scene, and keeping a watchful eye on our pup named "Aquarius" who had by this time taken to the water sporting a horrendous neck injury. After watching our pup for over an hour in the water, he took a dive and that was the last we saw of him. We can only hope that he hauls out again so that he can be rescued and his wound tended to. Thanks to our volunteer helper who kindly provided lunch on the beach for myself and Willie whilst we continued looking for the pup.

Kate Santer
Marine Mammal Medic
Montrose / Arbroath Area

Thanks also to Mr and Mrs Dawson for forwarding the photos of "Aquarius" to Elaine. For the time being, the location has not been disclosed in the hopes that this pup will remain free from harm and harassment.

Elaine Roft and Bob Pert