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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2007-02-04 13:53:48

Seal injured from dog bite - Withernsea

We received a text from Alan Stewart informing us that there was a seal on Withernsea beach with a reported dog bite injury. We called Alan informing him we would be onsite within 15 minutes. On arrival the Coastguards were ensuring that the seal remained safe. We assessed the seal and it appeared fat, healthy, very alert and just having a chill on the beach. There was a small mark on its nose but it appeared to only be superficial. We decided that the best solution was to continue to monitor the seal until high tide with the view being that the seal would return to the sea at high tide. After being in attendance for about 30 minutes the Taylor family (Sorry I cant remember your names) arrived too, they agreed with the assessment and decision we had made. Within 10 minutes another 4 medics arrived on scene. We remained on site for another 30 minutes but decided that this situation did not require this amount of medics and we were drawing attention from an increased number of the public which I do not think was helping the seal. We left the seal in the capable hands of the other medics.

Lisa, Neil and Chris Wray
Marine Mammal Medics
East Yorkshire