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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-02-12 13:56:13

Black headed gull rescue, Montrose

During my shopping spree in Montrose, I watched a seabird (gull variety) carefully dodge its way through heavy traffic. The bird had been clipped ever so slightly by a passing car and with no attempts to try and fly away I then suspected that it was slightly dazed. With umbrella in on hand (battling against torrential rain), shopping and flowers (now sodden)) in another hand, I started to weave in and out of the already stopped traffic to herd the bird to the other side of the road where I could corner it at the Church on the High Street. Now laden with umbrella, shopping, sodden flowers and a bird tucked under my arm I headed off to the nearest shop (farmfoods) to scrounge a cardboard box to place the rescued patient in. After pondering on how I was going to manage to get myself and all my load on to the bus, I decided to call Medic Jacque Watt to come to the rescue of us both! The bird now named "Happy Feet" was placed in a large dog carrier and was supplied with whitebait and some drinking water and allowed a period of rest in a warm dark shed (incase it was suffering from shock). Myself and Jacque then scouted our seabirds book and we can confirm that happy Feet is a black headed gull. He/she will be released on the foreshore on Friday if its able to fly, if not, then it will be taken for further rehabilitation at Grampian Wildlife Trust.

Elaine Roft
Marine Mammal Medic
Montrose / Arbroath Areas