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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2007-02-16 13:58:50

Seal pup monitored - Easington

We received a call at 11:55am from a local Coastguard informing us about a seal with an injured eye on Easington beach. Neil rang Alan Stewart to inform him of the situation. Patrick Tomlinson took us to the site of the seal. The seal was a young pup, still with white downy fluff, I have to say it was so cute. We assessed the eye which was weeping a small amount of green gunge, but apart from that it appeared very fat, alert and healthy. Using past experience and advice we decided the best place for the seal was back in the sea. When we arrived on scene the tide was on its way in so we knew we would not have to wait too long, if things went to plan. We sat around for 45 minutes until the sea was 2 foot from the cliffs and the seal was surrounded by sea and in a secluded spot. We contacted Alan and informed him we were leaving the scene but we would return in a couple of hours to check on the seal.

We returned to the beach at 4pm and the seal was no where in sight.

Lisa, Neil, Jordan and Chris Wray
Marine Mammal Medic
East Yorkshire