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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-03-06 14:14:40

Seal Surprise

Whilst out dog walking today, I decided to rest my feet and enjoy the afternoon sunshine that had made an appearance through the clouds. Much to my surprise, and under circumstances which I shall refrain from mentioning, I was abruptly but pleasantly surprised when I was joined by a common seal pup (one of last years). Having had a wee natter to the pup, I headed off to grab the dog so it wouldnt surprise or frighten my companion. My companion, now named "pippa", was by this time joined by a few other dog walkers so it hastily retreated back into the water. After joining us for a second time, and being frightened off again (this time by an old gentleman who was insistent on waving his walking stick in the air), I decided it best to call in reinforcement help from Medic Paul Horne.

The pup had very good body weight, and there were no initial concerns other than it was adamant at persistently hauling out in a very unusual place which would have put the pup in immediate danger (again, I shall refrain from mentioning the location). Paul arrived on scene with the transportation tank, and our aim was to uplift our friend and relocate it to another area of beach away from harm. Having hauled out three times in this spot, "pippa" our pup must have decided to head off and find a more appropriate place to rest. Our last vision of her / him was a glance backwards as much as to say "spoilsports... I so wanted to rest at this particular place". Sadly, we had no cameras with us to photograph "pippa" which would have been an excellent snapshot given the area and position she was in.

Elaine Roft and Paul Horne
Marine Mammal Medics
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