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2007-03-09 14:16:15

Seal Pup at St Cyrus Beach

I received a call from one of my clients "Ernie Donald" to say his dog Spicket had come across a seal pup at St Cyrus beach. He reckoned it was 60cm long.

So off I go around 4.30 to check it out. I found him no bother and counted his respirations at 31bpm min. He appeared to be asleep and shivering. I contacted Elaine Roft, our Area Co-ordiantor, to seek assistance in uplift and to book a seal pen at either Grampian Wildlife Trust or SSPCA Middlebank, working on a relay system with other groups.

Medic Paul Horne who had been contacted by Elaine and who was free met me in the Car Park at The St Cyrus nature reserve around 5.15pm ish with the seal tank. Back on the beach Paul managed to straddle the now wide awake pup. I took its temperature, temp. - 32.4^C.(Hypothermic state) and confirmed sex as a male. We uplifted him and then struggled back to the car. "Ernie" the Pup appeared to have good bodyweight and seemed to have grown in length too.

We returned to Johnshaven after taking his respiations again in the Car Park - now at 23 bpm at 6.15pm.

After consultation with Elaine Roft, "Ernie" was heading up to Lawrence Brain at The Grampian Wildlife Trust at New Deer.

I met with Buchan Medic Linda Robertson at Stonehaven swimming pool and she continued on with the Relay.

Thanks to Medics Rebecca Chambers / Paul Horne / Willie Taylor / Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft / Buchan Medic Linda Robetson / Laurence Brain Grampian Wildlife Trust / BDMLR on call Faye Archell.

Mon 12th Mar 2007

Laurence Brain has confirmed today that "Ernie" is doing well so far and is on a course of antibiotics.

Rebecca Chambers
Marine Mammal Medic
Montrose / Arbroath Areas

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