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2007-03-23 14:32:19

Seal Pup "Marlow" at Johnshaven North

Whilst manning Elaine's BDMLR 24 Hr mobile, I Received a call at 12.10 hrs from fellow Medic Rebecca Chambers saying that she was monitoring a large seal pup at Johnshaven North. Unsure of whether to uplift or not she agreed to call back at high tide at 16.30hrs if the pup was still there. I provisionally booked a seal pen with Laurence Brain at GWT and had Medic Kate Santer with myself on standby to assist, and Andy Ireland (Buchan Co-odinator) on standby for a possible relay.

It was confimed at 16.30hrs that the pup was still there and despite having excellent bodyweight and being approx 4-5 ft in length, our Co-ordinator Elaine Roft thought it would be wise to uplift and have it vet cheked by Laurence. Named "Marlow", our fat feisty grey was herded into the transportation tank by myself (Willie Taylor) and fellow Medics Rebecca Chambers and Kate Santer for a relay to Stonehaven where Andy Ireland would continue with stage 2 to GWT.

Marlow was coughing, had a bad bout of diarrhoea and the eyes, although not clear, gave some cause for concern as did the left flipper. This particular pup has been haulng out for approx 2 months in another area, and showed reluctance to move when approached, although on all our last attempts to catch it and assess it, access had always proved difficult. Marlow made his way North to GWT at 18.00hrs.

Sat 24 Mar 2007

Elaine spoke with Laurence today who confirmed that Marlow's diarrhoea had cleared but he was showing no signs of self feeding. Laurence straddled him and has been force feeding him fish...updates to follow.

Willie Taylor
Marine Mammal Medic
Montrose / Arbroath Areas