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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2007-03-23 14:33:44

Seal "Simba" makes escape!

I received a phone call approx two minutes after Montrose Medic Willie Taylor had initially called me seeking help in a relay to GWT with one of their pups. The member of public reported the seal to be not too responsive but in good shape. Another couple on the scene had called Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator Nick Duthie. I said I would attend based on the fact that I was already going to do a relay with the Montrose team (this would also save on fuel expenses).

On arrival I was met by the couple who gave me directions before they headed for home. I found the seal, named "Simba", and was a bit unsure about what to do with it, again it was one of these borderline pups so took some pictures and discussed it with James Barnett (vet) at HQ. It was agreed to uplift to GWT. When I tried to jump it with the towel it went mental and legged it off down the beach and in to the sea, although initially it was unresponsive and members of the public could approach it. The only thing that was worrying was the fact he was shivering, he had dry eyes and he was not very responsive on being called.

Andy Ireland
Buchan Co-ordinator