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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2007-04-02 14:35:57

Seal Rescue at Dumpton Gap, Broadstairs, Kent

I received a second call from Tony at about 1600hrs about a seal that had stranded earlier in the Day at Stone Bay in Broadstairs, but had previously swam off..

I arrived at the scene at about 1625hrs and met with onlookers. I immediately identified the seal as a juvenile Grey seal, approximately 4-6 months old. There was a wound over the left flipper/shoulder which I estimated to be about a week old. Obvious infection and some necrotic tissue surrounding the wound. I flushed with distilled water and covered with intra-site gel. All other aspects of the seal seemed to be in good order albeit a little under weight.

I decided to take the animal to Mallydams Wood for treatment and rehabilitation. Upon arrival it was given electrolyte fluids, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. It weighed in at 21KG.

I would like to thank Tony Woodley for his assistance and organisation and to the two Medics Alex Levine & Michelle Spain who assisted in the rescue and offered great support. I would also like to thank Francis Gibson (A member of the public) who called in the stranding and kept a vigil whilst the rescue took place. It is members of the public like Francis who help aid in our operations and enable the successful rescue attempt.

Brett Lewis