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2007-04-06 14:40:37

Callout to Seal pup at Crail, Fife

I was called by Faye at 6.30pm and informed about a seal on the beach at Sauchope caravan park at Crail in the East Neuk of Fife. I attempted to contact numerous medics in the local area, but was met with ansaphonones and negative responses. I decided that I must attend personally as no help was forthcoming.

I arrived at the caravan park at approx 8.00pm and spoke to the warden 'Jim' who directed me to the seal. On arrival I could see that the seal had become something of a celebrity as there were a number of people surrounding it. Notably, there were a number of children having a beach party less than 50 yards from the animal. I managed to convince the people to withdraw so I could assess the animal.

On first inspection, I could see that it was a fully weaned grey pup. There were no obvious injuries, respiration was 15 bpm, no mucus or wheezing, however, the animal was very lethargic and was making no attempts to move away.

I was informed by 2 members of the public that it had lay in this position for the majority of the day and had made no attempt to leave, even at high tide. They also informed me that both children and dogs had been annoying the animal, but even that had failed to make the pup move off.

On closer inspection I could see that the pup had a visible neck and also notable loose folds of skin. I decided that an uplift was required and phoned SSPCA Middlebank to arrange a pen. I then lifted the pup from the beach and proceeded to Middlebank. I arrived at Middlebank at approx 10.40pm and assissted the on-call officer with administering fluids to the pup. The pup has been given reference number 288 and named 'Anthony'. It weighed 15.4kg on arrival.

I then returned home, arriving at 12.20am.

My Thanks to Faye (on the phone), Jim (park warden), 2 members of the public who assisted me with carrying the pup from the beach (sorry, I didn't get your names) and to SSPCA Middlebank for all their help.

Allan Muir
BDMLR Tayforth Area