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2007-04-11 14:42:27

Feisty Seal at Holmpton, Yorkshire

Neil and I received a message at 5.30pm (Wednesday 11/04/07) from Andrew Gibson (Wildlife Warden at Spurn Point) with reports of an injured/ill seal at Holmpton, a member of public had contacted him with concerns about the seal. We also received a message from Alan Stewart with the same information. So off we set, details in hand and Neil walking a bit funny, we had just finished a 10 mile bike ride. This was not the easiest seal to get to, it involved a bit of cliff climbing, or falling in one our cases, not naming any names, I would hate to embarrass Neil! There were four members of public with the seal when we arrived, staying a good distance away from the seal as they were concerned about stressing the seal further. They had stayed with the seal for over 2 ½ hours concerned over its welfare.

They were concerned because they thought it was lethargic, but it must be something about seals and medics, they must be able sense us. It certainly was not lethargic when we tried to examine it. Upon examination the seal it appeared to be in good condition, fat and feisty, clear eyes and mouth. The tide was on its way in and all the seal wanted to do was head back into the sea. We rang Alan to discuss the condition of the seal and he agreed with our assessment and our decision to let the seal go back into the sea.

Once it had gone back into the sea we sat on the cliff tops for a while watching to ensure the seal did not come back up onto the beach. Which it did not, I intended to go back the following day to check if the seal had returned or not.

Thank you to the members of public for their assistance and consideration about the welfare of the seal. We all really appreciate the time and effort you put into caring for the seal with extra thank you to Darren Cooper and his son Nils Windolf for the fantastic photos they took and emailed to us (used for this report).

I went back to the beach the following day to check as to whether the seal had returned, there was no sign.

Lisa and Neil Wray
Medics East Yorkshire