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2007-04-11 14:43:49

Late season pup rescue, Cornwall

On the morning of 11th April, Medic Lesley Jarvis took a call from the National Seal Sanctuary regarding a grey seal pup hauled out on the beach with an apparent flipper injury at Porthgwarra, near Land's End.

She and Medic Dan Jarvis took a trip out to the site despite a call during the journey that the pup had gone into the water. On the scene they found a number of divers awaiting a couple of RIBs to arrive in the cove, which we suspected was the reason the pup had gone into the water. They were informed of the situation and agreed to keep a lookout. Dan also talked to the local shop owner who commented that the pup had been there for around a week hauled out early every morning until people arrived and scared it off.

Returning home, a plan was put in place for Coordinators Dave Jarvis and Tim Bain to go down to the beach very early the next morning to get to the pup before it was disturbed again. Arriving at the beach before 7am the following morning they found the pup hauled out on the beach and assessed it from the headland above as it had already obviously hauled up and then back down the beach down to within 10m of the tideline. Dave improvised a herd board with his car’s parcel shelf, whilst Tim jumped it. They were then joined by the lady who had reported it the previous day, who was delighted that it had now been rescued and assisted in moving the animal and equipment back up the car park. It appeared to be a little underweight for its age, with a large injury to the top of one foreflipper and a very noticeable swelling on the knuckles of its second and third digits on the other foreflipper. Aside from that it appeared healthy and alert, so after consultation with the Sanctuary’s Animal Care Team, it was agreed to bring the pup in for treatment. The pup is a female and has been called 'Coral'.

Dave Jarvis
Cornwall Area Coordinator
British Divers Marine Life Rescue