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2007-04-22 14:50:24

Seal Pup "Chewit" at Easington

Neil and I had taken the dog for a walk along the beach at about 5.30pm, minding our own business, not seal spotting honest! We noticed what was either a large seal shaped rock or a rock shaped seal near the sea line. When we investigated further it turned out to be the latter description, but I guess you knew that already or I would not be writing this report. A fisherman nearby informed us that the seal had been there from at least 3pm that afternoon and had not moved. The seal "Chewit" (the choice of name will become clear later). The seal was a grey pup, at least 1metre long and fat, clear eyes, chilled out but alert when we went near it. It appeared fit and health and that there was nothing we needed to do at this point. The tide was coming in so we sat up on the cliff tops watching the seal, with the thought that it would go back into the sea shortly. As the tide came in so did "Chewit". We decided to leave it alone for a while and check up on it in a couple of hours.

At 8.30pm we went back and “Chewit” was still there but further up near the rocks/cliff. Hoping that it would go back out into the sea at some point and it appearing still feisty and fat we again decided to leave it alone and check again in the morning.

At 9.00am we went back and "Chewit" was still there, in the same spot we had left it. It did not appear as alert now although this did change when we tried to catch it. We phoned Derek at Sealife Scarborough to discuss our concerns and we agreed that he needed to check it out. It had been on the same part of the beach for a long time, high tide would not be again until about 7pm, it was now lethargic, so medic instinct took over and the fun began. "Chewit" went from lethargic to feisty in about 3 seconds flat. It tried to make a dash for the sea with Neil and Adam (our eldest son) in hot pursuit towel in hand, as quick as he got the towel on the seal it was off again. Chris (our son) managed to use the veri kennel as a shield to block its way to the sea. This was the only thing that was going to stop it. Eventually we managed to catch it and put it in the kennel, at which point it went flat and gave up. Now for the second part of the fun, carrying it up the sheer cliffs. Turned out not to be as bad as we thought, well not for me, Neil, Adam and Chris might not agree. Jordan had the easiest job, taking photos.

"Chewit" or as Chris now calls it "fishy fart" made some nasty smells all the way there. Once at Sealife Derek had a look at "Chewit" and agreed that its body condition was great but it was too lethargic, this soon changed when he took it out of the kennel. To say it became feisty is an understatement. Derek had began to think that there was not much wrong with the seal, thinking that he would re-hydrate it and we would take it back (no problems). That is until it did the nastiest poop we ever want to experience. This changed everything, "Chewit" has worms, so it is now staying at the Centre, not too sure Derek is looking forward to that though. The prospect of tubing is holding a little bit of anxiety for him. The general consensus is that "Chewit" will be having a chew on everyone. Good luck to them when it starts to feel better, it was feisty enough to handle when it was unwell. Derek thinks it will be there for only a couple of weeks as it is still in good condition and it will not take long to get rid of the worms.

Thanks to Derek for his help and advice and good luck, you might need it with this one.

Lisa, Neil, Adam, Chris and Jordan Wray
Medics East Yorkshire