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2007-04-28 15:00:13

Seal Callout, Rattray/Scotstown, Aberdeenshire

On Saturday evening Andy Ireland (BDMLR Buchan Coordinator) was contacted by Sgt. Watt of the MOD police from St. Fergus to advise that a stranded seal had been reported by a few of the police officers that were on patrol.

The condition of the seal was relayed from the officers to the control room and then on to Andy. The condition was appearing to be rather clouded by the relaying of the information and the police officers were totally unsure of what they were faced with (these guys are from the city – what do you expect!)

It was agreed that we would attend and check out the condition of the seal so a group text was sent out to the team and a good few medics replied and were advised to attend.

On the scene Andy was met by Natalie Simmons (BDMLR Inverness Coordinator), Angi Long, Stacey Esson and Linsey McKeown (BDMLR Buchan Medics). We all set off along the beach looking for the seal, which had been marked by the police officers with a carpet that they had found on the beach. The walk to the seal was a lot longer than we had anticipated but eventually we found it.

On arrival it was assessed and appeared to be in good condition, it responded to our presence and was happy to move around for us so that we could check out its entire body. The seal appeared to be just resting and it was agreed by everyone that we should leave the seal and have someone check on it the following day.

On route back to the car park at Scotstown we contacted Sgt. Watt and advised him what had been the outcome, he was grateful for checking the seal out and said he would try get someone back down there the following day to check out the seal.

On arrival at the car park we were greeted by two of the MOD police officers. We chatted for a while, explained what the situation was with the seal and the officers said that the two officers that reported it were unsure if it was a seal or a dolphin! Shocked as we were, hopefully the officers from the big city may be a bit better informed for future reference.

The following day Sgt. Watt contacted Andy Ireland again to advise that the seal had returned to the sea and was nowhere to be seen on that stretch of beach.

Thanks to all involved; Sgt Watt and colleagues (MOD Police Officers), Andy Ireland (BDMLR Buchan Coordinator), Natalie Simmons (BDMLR Inverness Coordinator), Linsey McKeown, Angi Long and Stacey Esson (BDMLR Buchan Medics).

Andy Ireland
BDMLR Buchan Coordinator