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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-06-08 15:20:08

Turtle rescued by BDMLR Medics ready for return to Gulf of Mexico

A rare Kemps Ridley turtle rescued by a BDMLR Medic from the North devon coast in January, is now ready for release after being rehabilitated at Weymouth SeaLife Park.

Sarah Leaney, a biologist at Weymouth' said , "Willy is doing very well, we have been feeding him/her up and getting her strength up ready for the off, she now weighs 4kg so she is being very well loved! At the moment we are still battling with BA, Virgin and American Airlines for a suitable flight over to the states for her, but aside from that we are all ready to release her. She has been checked several times by the vet and is fit to go, so its all good news really. I have attached (below) some photos of her and Holly (a rehabilitated Loggerhead turtle) that were taken for a guide to identifying turtles done by the Marine Conservation Society.

Tony Woodley
BDMLR OnLine Editor