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2007-06-11 15:21:23

Atlantic White Sided dolphins - Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

Local residents in the area first became aware of the five Atlantic White Sided dolphins in Sandwick Bay, on the outskirts of Stornoway, on Sunday evening. On finding the dolphins stranded on Monday morning they tried to help the dolphins themselves before alerting the Coastguard, who alerted us and the vet. At least one of the dolphins was dragged back in to the water by hand before the Coastguard, vet and medic Jeanette arrived. The Coastguard managed to herd three of the dolphins back out to sea but one male and one female were in such poor condition it was felt there was no other choice but for the vet to humanely euthanase them. Afterwards, a local witness pointed out a tear at the join of the male's left pectoral fin which they said happened as they tried to drag him back to safety, they said it bled profusely. A big thank you to everybody involved in the rescue.

Sandy MacDonald

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