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2007-06-15 15:22:41

BDMLR Boot-A-Thon 2007!

Michelle Spillane Smith (Midlands Regional Co-ordinator) and myself Jenny Haley (Assistant Co-ordinator, Cornwall) are hoping to organise a country wide car boot sale to raise some much needed funds. The event will be called 'BDMLR BOOT-A-THON!' and we need all the help we can get from other medics and coordinators.

The idea is that on the weekend of the 4th -5th August (date depending on what day the boot sale in your area is), medics hold a car boot sale and all monies raised are donated to BDMLR. You can hold as many sales as you like but not at the same site, as that would be direct competition! If medics in your area are willing to hold a boot sale on that day they should let their coordinator know. Anyone that cannot hold a sale themselves but have good quality items to sell could pass their items to a medic that will be holding a sale.

Can coordinators please keep a list of people willing to hold a sale/help and let us know. It may be fun to have a competition - which area can hold the most sales and raise the most money!

Thank you for your help.

Michelle Spillane Smith and Jenny Haley
Marine Mammale Medics