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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-07-04 15:46:19

Seal Call Out Hunmanby Gap, Yorkshire

Received a call from Bev Drayton at 2:15pm about a seal said to have been sneezing and to have a snotty nose.

The seal had been reported by Mr Kay an off duty police officer from leeds out on a walk with his wife, on arriving down at the beach I met Mr Kay and his wife, they were pleased to have helped and my thanks go to them for their co-operation and understanding, if only all people could be as helpful it would make our job so much easier. Anyway the call had been around the houses via RSPCA and SEALIFE and then on to Bev so i think a sort of chinese whisper had taken place, i was expecting to find a poorly seal and found, what looked to be, a very fat, healthy seal, apart from a slight graze on it's front right flip (as i found later when under observation).

After trying to get the people around it to move back, i was able to start the observations, however, trying to count BPM with a seal being covered in water every few seconds was not going to happen, but it had the advantage that it rolled the seal over letting me see all sides.

It looked like a pup, a metre plus long, and a grey.

It was taking a break by the look of things, after it had relaxed for a bit it was stretching, scratching, and yawning, and generally chilling out.

I stayed back and watched for about 20 mins then it decided to go back into the water, it swam south towards Bempton about 20 or 30 metres offshore so i followed along behind thinking it may haul out again further down.

After swimming about 300 or 400 metres it then came to a sand bank and had to haul itself over the top through the breakers and then disappeared into deeper water and was gone.

I rang Bev to give her the details, and then headed for home.

I reported to Bev when Iwas home and rang Mr Kay to let him know that the seal was ok and had swam off, he was very pleased that i had taken the time to ring and let him know the outcome.

Bruce Pawson
MMM Filey