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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-07-08 15:49:37

Newest arrival at BDMLR Seal Hospital - Lilly

Hi all

Newest arrival is a female pup called Lilly.

She arrived Tuesday (2nd) from Cromarty weighing in at 6.8kg being around 4 to 5 days old. Lilly was reported to the SSPCA on Monday lying well above the tide line near the road in amongst some large rocks. On inspection by Dougie the local officer she was found to be underweight and looking very dehydrated. Dougie transported her to his home where he administered lectade overnight before bringing her to the hospital the following morning. On assesment she had no physical injuries but was clearly thin and by now only mildly dehydrated. Lilly was given fluid during the day before moving onto milk in the evening. She is progressing well and like the others is well behaved, with the exception of Leo, who now his teeth are through has worked out what they are for. I dont know how much longer the bottom of my overalls will last with him around.

Jamie Dyer
Seal Hospital Manager