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2007-07-19 15:52:48

Latest arrival at BDMLR Seal Pup Unit

Gina arrived on the evening of the 12th from Tain. Gina was spotted on the beach by members of the public looking very thin and very inactive. She was picked up during the afternoon by Andy Brown from Inverness SSPCA and transported to Conan Vet surgery. Luckily Beatrice from the Wildlife Hospital where our unit is located, was at the vet with one of her own patients, brought the pup back with her. On assessment the pup was found to be very dehydrated, very very thin as well as being very stressed. The stress was thought to have been caused by having people and dogs around her most of the day.

Gina, obviously is female and we estimate her age to be around a week old. After administering fluids for overnight she was then started on her milk feeds on schedule with the other pups. Her weight on arrival was 7.5kg and you could see when she was lying on her back, where her ribs stopped and then just loose skin flattened on the floor where her stomach was very empty and then her pelvis.

Happily when weighed on Monday she was already up to 8.4kg and looking more alert and a bit more active, still nervous and snappy though. She is progressing well and looking a bit more rounded!

Jamie Dyer
BDMLR Seal Unit Manager/NW Highland Coordinator

PS I forgot to mention that on Monday evening and Tuesday I had Richard from Thurso come down to help out. He is a help as he has been before he had a go at tube feeding Lilly and also force feeding Seoras his fish. Yesterday I was also joined by new medic Kirsty Sharrat from Inverness, a new medic who works for WDCS at the dolphin and seal information centre at Kessock. Helped out with cleaning etc, and ran through a lot of the biology and rehab with her.

Both were a big help. Long days for both but they seemed to enjoy being here and said that they learnt a lot.

My thanks to them both very much. Jamie

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