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2007-08-02 16:11:55

Seal pup call out - Barmston, North Humberside

I was called at 10am on Thursday morning by Sue White who informed me there was a seal on Barmston beach which was tangled in netting. Paul Reaney-Sygrove was on his way from Beverley and I was asked to go and support him and take the transport equipment that we presumed would be required.

On arrival at the scene I found Paul who was carrying the common seal pup up the beach. He had found the pup who was still tangled in netting, with the member of the public, Stuart, who had called BDMLR. The pup was extremely distressed and was having difficulty breathing as the net was wrapped very tightly around its head and nose. Paul acted quickly and disentangled the pup whose breathing quickly started to return to normal.

The local fisherman whose net the seal had become entangled then informed Paul that he had the right to shoot the pup! Paul immediately decided he needed to remove the pup from the location and this is when I met him.

Once we were in a quiet, safe place we gave the pup a thorough assessment. She had a fairly good body weight and a temperature of 36.8, her reflexes were good & her eyes, nose & breathing were all fine. Amazingly even though she had been thoroughly entangled she didn't have a mark on her.

We decided to relocate the pup to a quiet beach nearby but hopefully far enough away from the fisherman with the gun. We decided to name her Barmy as she was found on Barmston beach. Once released Barmy happily moved to the sea and swam away.

Thanks to Sue White for her support as always, Stuart for waiting with the pup and helping to free it from the netting and Paul Reany-Sygrove for his quick thinking & excellent decision making on his first beach rescue as a Marine Mammal Medic.

Tracy Guild
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