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2007-08-06 16:31:19

Highland Seal Hospital Update

Latest arrivals:

Female - 10.5kg age: estimated 10 - 14 days.

Arrived at the hospital at 12.20am on the 25th July after being picked up the previous afternoon by Dougie from Inverness SSPCA. Gerry had been seen lying on a rocky shore for most of the day and on inspection by the SSPCA was found to be quite small and thin, and so was uplifted and driven to my home in Garve to then be transported to the unit. Upon inspection it was found that she had a badly swollen face with the top left of her mouth and the underside right being the worse areas. There was no evidence of trauma and so she immediately started treatment. She weighed in at 10.5kg. Gerry has now finished her treatment and thankfully she looks normal.

Male, 9.8kg, estimated age 10 days

Grant was picked up by medic Iain French on the 29th July from Poolewe where he had been reported lying on the shore for most of the day. On inspection by Iain he found a very thin, lethargic pup and made the right decision to uplift. Iain met us on the road just before Ullapool and we transferred him to our van for the journey to the Seal Hospital. On arrival we found a very snappy pup once let out of the kennel and worryingly found that he had a cloudy area over the pupils in both eyes. These were only slight but if still infected and not detected could rapidly lead to blindness if it hadn't already, though we were confident he could see, even if just a bit. We assessed the eyes by staining them with a eye stain that is green and when flushed out, basically if still infected the cloudy area will stay green. Thankfully the area didn't take up the stain and we could just treat with antibiotics to make sure it goes away. Now after a week he is a lot calmer and the cloudy areas are barely visible.

I have also had a fair bit of help over the last two weeks that I am extremely grateful for.


Jamie Dyer
BDMLR Highland Seal Hospital Manager