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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-08-04 16:36:44

Seal Rescue, Rattray Beach, Aberdeenshire

At 1300 today, I received a call from Andy Ireland (BDMLR Buchan Coordinator) to say a small seal pup had been reported by the Defence Police from St. Fergus. The policemen had been monitoring the pup for the past two days, where it lay in the same position behind the St. Fergus Gas Terminal (North).

I set off from Rattray car park on the two mile plus hike along the beach with two of my daughters (BDMLR Buchan team Junior Helpers), Christine and Iona. We arrived with the pup at 1440 to find a very thin Common pup lying on its side. I immediately phoned Andy to advise him that the pup was malnourished, had a visible neck and pelvis and seemed to be not too bothered by our presence. Andy organised a pen at GWT and then set off to join us with a seal bag so that we could share the lift back to the car park. Andy arrived at 1545 which gave us plenty time to monitor the pup and look out for a mum. There were no visible injuries, respiration was 14 bpm and it was very lethargic even when I moved it away from the incoming tide.

The policemen who reported it passed by, and advised me that it had only moved about 30 yards in the two days they had seen it. They also confirmed there had been no sign of any other seals.

When Andy arrived he took its temperature which was 37.62 and declared him to be a boy, estimated age of two weeks old. We cooled him off with water before putting him in the seal bag and taking it in turns to carry him to the car park. On route to the car park, after great debate with the girls, he was named Bambi.

At the car park Andy administered 200ml Lectade Plus. We then poured more cooling water over him and let him rest on the grass in the shade for a short period before transportation. Bambi appeared to feel the benefits of the fluid as he was much livelier and paying exceptional attention to Andy and I as we took his temperature again!

Fit for travel, we then guided him into the kennel ready for Andy to transport to Lawrence at Grampian Wildlife Trust in New Deer.

Throughout the entire rescue, we were in contact communication with Jamie Dyer and the plan is that Bambi will be moved to the BDMLR Seal Hospital in Ullapool early next week.

Many thanks to the Defence Police from St. Fergus, Andy Ireland (BDMLR Buchan Coordinator), Elaine Helyer (BDMLR Buchan Medic), Christine & Iona Helyer (BDMLR Buchan Junior Helpers), Lawrence (Grampian Wildlife Trust) and Jamie Dyer (BDMLR Highland Seal Hospital Manager).

UPDATE: At 0600 on the 6th of August, Bambi was uplifted from Grampian Wildlife Trust in New Deer and transported to Spey Bay. He arrived at Spey Bay at 0830 where he was given 200mls of Lectade Plus. This procedure was carried out by Andy Ireland (BDMLR Buchan Coordinator) and two WDCS Volunteers/BDMLR Medics. Bambi arrived around 12.45 at Ullapool after a further short stop in Inverness.

Jamie Dyer (BDMLR Highland Seal Hospital Manager) will give updates on Bambi as and when available.

Thanks to Hannah Bird (WDCS Spey Bay Centre Manager) and to the two BDMLR Medics/WDCS Volunteers.

Elaine Helyer
BDMLR Buchan Medic