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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2007-08-17 17:04:06

Seal Rescue, Cumbria

BDMLR HQ rang with a report of an injured seal. First on scene was Shirley Taylor (medic) followed by Rob Watkins (Cumbria asst coordinator) on his motorbike. The seal was not very responsive and lying on rocks.

It had injuries to the head and was bleeding slightly from its mouth. Shirley watched over the pup whilst Rob returned home for equipment and the Landrover. Steve Hallett (medic) was asked to collect the kennel so that the pup could be transported to a local wildlife centre. Rob and Jenny Watkins (Cumbria co-ordinator) returned and Steve and Rob loaded the pup into the kennel and Steve named it Derek. This proved to be correct when it turned out to be a boy. The pup was transported to the wildlife centre for overnight care.

Saturday 18th
Vet (BDMLR) Vicki Temple assessed the pup and it was decided that it needed additional medical treatment. It was moved to Millcroft Vets at Cockermouth.

Sunday 19th
Pup still receiving care and medical treatment - decision taken to move pup to East Winch when its condition is sufficiently stable.

Many thanks to all involved.

Jenny Watkins
Cumbria Area Coordinator