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2007-08-12 17:06:07

Seal pup rescue - Withernsea, East Yorkshire

On Sunday 12th August at approximately 9.30 in the morning Alex, from HQ, rang us regarding a seal pup reported by two members of the public to the RSPCA. Also a dead seal nearby had been reported.

We went to have a look. Both members of the public met us where the pup was. She was a young weaned common pup, underweight, visibly tired and lifeless and she was aiming towards the waters. Joel picked her up and we walked to the car where we waited for Dianne Davies (medic) to arrive with the kennel.

The dead seal appeared to be a pup (from the size) but had started to decompose.

At the vet, Joel re-hydrated the seal while another seal (brought from Whitby the day before by BDMLR medic, Tracy, was been prepared for the journey to East Winch. We met at Russell’s pick up point in Sleaford at approximately 3.30 pm, Russell took the two seals and they were admitted at the hospital. Holt and Barney are doing well, so far.

Thanks to everyone involved in the rescue.

Freddie and Joel
East Yorkshire Medics


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