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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-08-04 17:08:02

Filey Lifeboat Day, Yorkshire

The day kicked off around 8:30am, the weather was very kind to us all, and some of us got a top up on the tan.

Our pitch was right next to the lifeboat shop, and had a canopy loaned to us by the RNLI, so we had shelter if it were needed.

Alan Stewart had driven over with the trailer from Hull and we say a big Ta mate for doing that.

Bev turned up early with Garion to help with setting up as did Vicky (my daughter), Chris and his wife Lynne and Jez.

We got the trailer in place and set up the tables to hold all the leaflets, books and stickers, we filled the dolphin and seal models with water and put them on display to help draw people in, Garion and myself went down to the end of cobble landing to gather some stones to hold down the sheets we had covered the tables with, several bucketful's later and we had supplied the stand next door too, our friends from the coastguard.

It started getting busy fairly early on and once we started to meet and greet the public and offer them a sticker or two they seemed to come in droves.

The public were very interested in who we were and what we did and soon started to ask about the Thames whale and the Minki whales in Ipswich and Fraserburgh and wanted to know the out come of the two Minki's having seen the reports on TV.

We had put up photos of local rescues as well as national ones, and the public found them very interesting, and listened to the stories behind them.

They were keen to take the leaflets and other information we had on the tables, we also gave out loads of pounds for pups leaflets so hopefully that will generate some income before too long.

By this time Joel had driven over from Hull to join us and was a welcome sight, he had not been there long when we got a call from Karen, today of all days, a call to a seal at Flambrough on the south landing.

This was going to leave us very short handed, but when you get a call you gotta go. Alan said he would go and Joel too, a big thank you to the pair of you, a report on that call out would have been done and posted with Bev I think.

Chris was kept very busy in the mean time telling people all about dolphins, and where they could be found, he was also singled out by the Viscount and Countess Downe and they had a little chat all about BDMLR, they seemed very impressed by what we do.

We all spent a lot of time talking to the children and their parents and giving them things to take away to read and do later.

The lady's lifeboat guild deserve a mention for keeping us well supplied with tea and coffee all day.

We kept repeating that there would be a dolphin demo on the beach at 3:30pm, and everyone was saying how they were looking forward to it.

The kids were keen to be there when we told them we needed their help, and no doubt pestered mum and dad into making sure they didn't miss out.

There can't have been many people that got under the radar of Chris, Jez, Garion and Vicky with the stickers and the leaflets, even the local police Copped for it, (sorry, easy joke there).

Chris even managed to stick one on the Countess, (but he did tell the police he never touched her, that was just before he stuck one on them, sorry another easy joke, you can make up your own stories from here on).

We started to run out of some of the things for kids and the pounds for pups had all gone too, we need to look at that for next time and make sure we have enough for the day. The lifeboat was due off at 1:30pm and the inshore followed it out into the bay, the all weather boat with all the guests onboard went steaming off towards the open sea, fortunately for them the sea was calm and I never heard of anyone throwing ground bait over the side.

No one was looking too green when they came back, but I noticed there was no rush to get to the food that had been laid on by the lady's guild.

After the display by the two boats, which was cut short because the helicopter from Leconfield had been cancelled due to work commitments, we asked some of the launch crew for their help in getting the dolphin down to the waters edge, this we did with the help of there quad bike and skid trailer, driven very professionally by Fran, thanks mate for your help.

Once down on the sand we set about organising the demo, we had less people than we would have liked but two or three of the RNLI boys came to give us a hand, by now the inshore boat was just in the surf waiting to help us and this gave a great look to the whole demo as Bev gave the talk to explain what everybody was there for and how we go about caring for stranded cetaceans.

The RNLI boys who gave us a hand were, Pip (also a MMM), Damon, Chris and Francis (also known as egg lad, don't ask, just don't ask).

We did two rescues while we had the chance and got the kids to help with bringing the water, the people watching were waving to other people to come and have a look and we soon had a crowd.

Simon had come down in support as a member of the coastguard, and was taking pictures of the demo and the day in general, he also lent me one of his dry suits, so cheers for your help Simon.

While we were all down doing the demo, Chris's wife Lynne had been looking after the stall for us, for which we are very grateful, many thanks Lynne, and your welcome back anytime.

Also paying us a visit was Steven Major of Steven Major electrical services, this is the guy who very kindly fitted out our medic trailer with all the electric's (for free).

He was made very welcome, and had his photo taken standing next to the trailer, a very big thank you from all our local medics Steven and of course BDMLR.

The towel appeal has started to pay off, with people donating towels and pillowcases for us to use on rescues, they can be left at the Tea Bar which is owned by Chris and Jacinta, and where Vicky works during the summer.

All in all it was a very successful day and we look forward to doing it all again next year.

Bruce Pawson
Filey MMM