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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-08-24 17:11:38

Seal Rescue, Port Gordon, Morayshire

At 2100 on the 23rd of August, we got a phone call at the WDCS Wildlife centre from a member of public about a common seal pup on the beach at Port Gordon Harbour, which had been there all day. We went down to have a look and could see that the seal was very quite and unresponsive but it was getting too dark to make a better assessment so we called Andy Ireland (BDMLR Buchan Coordinator) for advice.

It was decided that we should go down the next day to take some photos so that he could assess whether or not it needed to be uplifted.

We got down to the seal at about 5:45am on the morning of the 24th and were able to get a better look at it and take some photos to send to Andy. It seemed to be very thin and was breathing heavily.

Andy made the decision that the pup should be uplifted but contacted Jamie Dyer (BDMLR Highland Seal Hospital Manager) to confirm, and ask if they had any space for the pup.

The seal centres closer to the north of Scotland (Ullapool and Grampian Wildlife Trust) were full up so the pup was taken to the SSPCA Middlebank Wildlife Centre.

The pup was female, weighed in at 10kg and the centre named her Scarlett. Unfortunately she didn’t make it through the night and the post mortem showed that she had had a respiratory disease.

Thanks to everyone involved in the rescue.

Laura Smith
James Brueckner

BDMLR Inverness Medics & WDCS Spey Bay Staff