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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-08-28 10:12:57

Seal Rescue, Spey Bay, Morayshire

On the morning of the 28th of August a possibly injured seal pup on Spey Bay Beach was reported to the WDCS Wildlife Centre.

WDCS volunteers Laura Smith, Stephanie White and Astrid Hackanson set out to have a look at the animal. The little Pup turned out to be a Common Seal, with a very swollen right flipper which the animal seemed to try and avoid using. Apart from that the seal seemed to be in good condition.

WDCS staff decided to monitor the animal for the day to see if the mother would return or the situation with the flipper would improve during the day. Since Spey Bay beach can get busy with visitors in the summer season it was also important to inform people not to get too close to the seal and keep their dogs on a lead.

Towards late afternoon Linda Nicholson (BDMLR Inverness Assistant Co-ordinator) and Jamie Dyer (BDMLR Seal Hospital Manager & Scottish Coordinator) advised WDCS staff to collect the seal, as the flipper seemed to be quite badly injured. The pup was taken to the SSPCA Middlebank centre near Edinburgh where it is in the rehabilitation unit at the moment.

Thanks to everyone involved in the rescue.

Astrid Hackanson
BDMLR Medic & WDCS Volunteer