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2007-10-08 15:42:49

Pup rescue - Yorkshire

On Monday 8th October a member of the public reported a seal which he saw the day before laying on an isolated stretch of beach at Holmpton, near Withernsea, E Yorks.

We went together and after scrambling down the cliff and walking for about a mile we found the pup. The pup was a young common, with evident injures around the mouth, some oiled patches on the coat, a neck line and it appeared generally quiet and exhausted. I noticed something in her/his mouth which initially looked like a fishing hook or worms. The seal did cough a bit and eventually the 'thing' cleared up. It did not take too long to put her in the kennel, althought we then had to climb the cliff again and with my great joy the gentleman was able to drive his landrover through a field and pick us up. We went to Swanbridge Veterinary Centre planning to relay to East Winch for the following day, as it was already 7pm. We gave liquids to the pup now called Ivy, antibiotics and her temeperature was 39. The mouth appeared clear from hooks but had contusions and some bloody tissue appeared when we tubed her. The morning after while Alan - Coordinator, was arranging the relay, the vet rang us to tell us that the temperature had risen to 42. Very sadly, Ivy died soon after.

Thanks everybody for all your efforts and help. The help of the member of the public was priceless, given the location of the rescue. Thanks to the team at Swanbridge who have acted in a professional, sensitive and seal centred manner while also very open and inclusive of the knowledge and experience that Alan and myself could bring to the case.

Freddie Taylor (East Yorkshire/Humber Medic), Lucy and Joel JR