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2007-10-19 15:47:00

Area Co-ordinator to re-locate??

At about 11.30 Area Co-ordinator Dave Jarvis received a phone call from Animal Care Assistant (& recently qualified medic) Clare McGowan at the National Seal Sanctuary at Gweek. They had received a call regarding a white-coated seal pup at Salthouse, near Widemouth Bay, Bude. Apparently there was no major cause for concern, since the report they had received indicted that the pup was in an isolated area, with no obvious injuries, but Clare wished to have a medic attend just to observe the pup & report back. Dave immediately called medic Michelle Robinson who readily agreed to attend. Due to the increasing number of pups that have begun to appear in that location Dave discussed the situation with Area Co-ordinator Tim Bain & decided that it might be a good opportunity to go up to show some of the local medics on what a healthy pup looked like. So they, along with medic Lesley Jarvis set out for the location for the third day running, but soon afterwards were contacted by Michelle to advise that the original report had not been totally accurate & that there were several people in close proximity to the pup, some of which had dogs with them. Dave instructed her to endeavour to move the crowd back & he also rang Sue White at Head Office to ask for additional medics to be sent to assist Michelle. The Seal Sanctuary was also updated on the new information.

Upon arrival Dave, Tim & Lesley quickly identified Michelle & the pup, together with volunteer Trevor Plant, at the northern end of the busy main beach & adjacent to the public car park. Tim carried out a visual inspection of the animal & noted pus oozing from a wound on a rear flipper, blood stains on the fur, dry crusty eyes & general unresponsiveness. Dave re-contacted Gweek to report the condition & was requested by Clare to bring it in as soon as possible. The animal was uplifted & taken to a quieter location at the rear of the Bay View Hotel, where Trevor worked (as previously did former Asst Area Co-ordinator Hannah Walter), where Michelle assisted Tim in tube feeding & generally stabilising it prior to a cross-County dash to the Seal Sanctuary.

Dave Jarvis
Cornwall Area Co-ordinator