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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-10-21 15:48:00

Seal pup 'Casper' from Orkney to Aberdeen

Caithness medics received a call from Orkney SSPCA to help with an abandoned grey seal pup in Stromness harbour. The part weaned pup had been observed in the area without an adult present. The pup was transported via North link ferries to Scrabster, where it was met by Paula Gent Caithness Coordinator and decanted for transport to Seal Towers the Caithness over night holding facility. Paula Gent and Richard Bradley gave the seal an [click to enlarge] initial assessment followed by tube feeding and Antibiotic injections. The pup appeared to have breathing problems and was very emaciated. The pup was held over night awaiting transport to Lawrence the following day, being so poorly it needed feeding every four hours to see it through the night. At midday the next day the pup was declared fit to travel and continued on it journey to the rehab facility.

Thanks goes out the all involved with the transport, with special thanks to Jim Thompson for transport to Inverness and turning out with his wife to assist with the 4am feed. Nick Duthie for transport and coordination of the effort. James Barnett for advice and support, which was invaluable. And finally all the background work at Head Office (Sue you are a Star). I really don't know how Jamie Dyer does this night after night as the four-hour feeds are a killer.

Richard Bradley
Caithness Assistant Coordinator