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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2007-10-27 15:54:18

Fourth Pup of the Season - Cornwall

At 11.30 Paul Mathews, a member of the public, with his wife & mother had observed a young seal on the mainland high tide line opposite the Lighthouse at Godrevy. He reported the matter to the National Trust Car Park Hut & was fortunate to find not only medic Trevor Waterhouse, who works there, but also medic Sue Sayer, founder of the Cornwall Seal Group. Borrowing waterproof gear from the National Trust, Sue immediately accompanied Paul to the scene to have a look at the pup, whilst Trevor contacted Area Co-ordinator Dave Jarvis to advise of the situation. Dave & his wife Lesley were actually travelling eastbound on the A30 & had also just received a call from Tamara Cooper at The National Seal Sanctuary regarding a pup that had been seen hauled out on The Doom Bar near Padstow, although apparently giving no cause for concern. Upon locating the animal, Sue was concerned as to it's condition & immediately sent a message to advise Dave that a rescue might be necessary, so he did a quick u-turn on the trunk road & headed towards the scene, whilst advising the Sanctuary & also requesting Area Co-ordinator Tim Bain to attend.

A relatively short time later Dave & Lesley arrived & soon located Sue & Paul with the pup & a few other casual observers on the beach & clifftops. In fact Sue had taken the opportunity to perch herself on one of the higher rocks & was educating the onlookers about the animal & its relations in the locality. Dave quickly confirmed Sue's observations that the animal had a few bite wounds & apparently underweight especially towards its rear end. He re-contacted the Sanctuary to appraise them of its condition & was requested to bring the animal in to them. At about the same time Tim arrived & within a few moments the feisty pup was in a cage & being transported to Gweek. Thanks to the medics involved & especially to Paul & his family for their dedication in assisting with the animal in what were very damp conditions.

Dave Jarvis
Cornwall Area Co-ordinator