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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2006-01-06 14:06:17

Seal Report - South Shields

1410: BDMLR contacted by Humber Coastguard reporting an injured seal on the beach at South Shields-Local rescue team also responding

1415: Sue White contacts local co-ordinator Graeme Richardson who responds

1425: Graeme arrives on scene with Coast Rescue team and finds a young healthy grey pup sprayed with red marker. The pup appears to have come in on the high tide and found a secluded area to settle and rest. Photographs were sent to national Coordinator Trevor Weeks, and all medics who were travelling to the scene were stood down. (allowing Sue to concentrate on the other rescues in progress).

Thanks to Medics: Katherine Hart, Michael Tetley and Graeme Shaw, and to Rescue Volunteer Tom Fennelly. Also to Gordon Shaw and his family for calling it in.

Graeme Richardson
Tyne Tees Area Coordinator