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2006-01-12 14:21:13

Sick seal, rescued, dies, in Cornwall

Medic Lesley Jarvis took a call from Maddie Precious of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Strandings Network at around 5:30pm, and reported to her a seal pup at Penberth Cove. Lesley informed Coordinator Dave Jarvis who was in the nearby fish and chip shop, who then rang the caller for details. After this Medics Simon Bone and Karl Wheston were called out along with Coordinator Tim Bain, who was picked up by Dave and Lesley en route.

On arrival the caller showed the rescuers where the animal was, positioned on the slipway. The caller advised them that the pup had attempted to haul out earlier in the afternoon. On assessment the pup was found to have blood around its head, its flippers were very cold, and appeared almost lifeless. It offered no resistance when loaded into the cage. Simon and Karl arrived at this point and they all proceeded to the Sanctuary as quickly as possible, informing the Animal Care Team as they left.

At the Sanctuary, Senior Animal Care Assistant Tamara Cooper and Sanctuary Maintenance Team member Chris Ellis carried out the clinical assessment, which produced a glucose result of 0.8, which is extremely low, and its temperature did not even register on the thermometer. Tamara immediately put the pup on a drip and set up two heat lamps in the Isolation pen. She stayed with the pup until 11pm when the pup sadly died after coughing up some worms.

Medic Dan Jarvis
BDMLR West Cornwall