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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-01-13 14:22:09

2nd seal pup removed from Penberth Cove, Cornwall, in less than 18 hours

Following on from the incident the following evening, the same caller contacted Coordinator Dave Jarvis at 9am for an update on the pup's condition, but advised him that it had unfortunately died later in the night. He then commented that there was now another pup on the slipway at Penberth Cove, but did not appear to be in too bad a condition.

At about 11am Tamara from the Sanctuary called to advise about a further call about the seal at Penberth, and a short while later, Dave had another call from the original caller to say that the pup's condition had deteriorated and that it may need attention. Dave contacted the Sanctuary to advise that he was setting out to have a look with Coordinator Tim Bain and Lesley Jarvis. He spoke with Marianne at the centre, who informed him that Curator of Pinnipeds Glenn Boyle was currently out searching for another pup, and would come to look at the Penberth seal afterwards. It was agreed that it would be better for an assessment to be made as soon as possible while waiting for Glenn to arrive, so proceeded to the site.

Back on the slipway, the caller met with the team again and showed them the seal lying on a step. It appeared to be dehydrated, malnourished and had a few bite injuries. The Seal Sanctuary was updated and they in return advised that Glenn was already en route, and he arrived a short while later with two volunteers, one of whom was Chris, a BDMLR Medic from Poole, Dorset.

Glenn jumped the seal and noticed that one of the pup's rear flippers was swollen. He then tube fed it and took its temperature with the help of the volunteers and Medics. The pup was then caged and put into the Sanctuary land rover and taken for rehabilitation.

Medic Dan Jarvis
BDMLR West Cornwall