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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-01-14 14:23:17

10th seal rescue of 2006 in Cornwall

At around 10:30am, Maddie Precious from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Strandings Network contacted West Cornwall Coordinator Dave Jarvis about a 'badly injured' seal pup at Godrevy, St Ives Bay. Luckily, Dave, who was with Medic Dan Jarvis, had just picked up the rescue ambulance RU05 in preparation for the new South West Rescue RIB launch that afternoon and also just happened to have the seal cage already loaded in the back of the car. Dave headed straight for Godrevy while Dan contacted the National Seal Sanctuary to inform them of the report, and then called Medic Sue Sayer, who was seal watching in the area.

Sue arrived on the beach within a matter of moments and recognised the signs of starvation and dehydration, and also noticed that the bad injuries reported by the caller were deep cuts around the tail and rear flippers. She called Dave and Dan with the details, and they advised her that they would be at the site in less than five minutes along with Medics Simon Bone and Karl Wheston.

On the beach, Animal Care Assistant Marianne Fellows was contacted and given the details of the pup's condition in addition to the ones she had collected from the caller while Medics were still on their way. After this, Dan jumped the seal and, with Dave and Karl's help, got it into the waiting seal cage. Marianne was advised of our ETA while the seal and cage were loaded into Karl's car, who then took it down to the Sanctuary with Sue and Simon. The pup was named 'Tanglefoot' and he weighed 19kg.

Medic Dan Jarvis
BDMLR West Cornwall