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2006-01-17 14:26:15

Pup Rescue - Inverbervie, Scotland

Neil West from Grampian Landscape Services called Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft at 12.04hrs saying that a colleague of his had come across a young seal pup on the Inverbervie beach. The pup appeared to be ill and was battling against an incoming tide and a rocky foreshore. Medic Paul Horne was called and immediately made his way to the location to asses the pup with a possible uplift in mind. Meantime Medics Peter Taylor, Willie Taylor and Jacque Watt headed for Paul's house to assist him after the uplift. Elaine contacted the SSPCA Middlebank centre at Inverkeithing where a seal pen was provisionally booked. With Elaine unable to assist (tied to the phone with other BDMLR Business) BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson was called and agreed to check the seal in transit en-route to Middlebank meeting up with the new Medics at Tayport as he was currently working in Fife. He could also perform a more detailed vet check.

13.46hrs: The pup now named "Chris" was successfully uplifted from the beach and left to rest for a period before commencing its journey South. [click image to enlarge] This also enabled the New Medics the chance to log the pups respiration, body condition and weaning status. The pup was a fully weaned male Grey, respiration was normal, there were no discharges from the nose or ears. Injuries and poor health noticed were that the eyes were weeping but this was not excessive and there were lesions on its head. It appeared to be in good body condition - a little thin on the hips.

15.10hrs: Medics Willie Taylor and Paul Horne arrived at the car park in Tayport where they were met by Cameron McPherson who had been called earlier. Cameron confirmed to Elaine that the pup was slightly underweight, it had a swollen head due to infected lacerations (cellulitis) and thought that the wounds were most probably intraspecific. Happy that the pup had been checked in transit, Cameron was satisfied that tubing was not essential. The pup which was by this time very feisty and very aggressive was reloaded into Paul's estate car and proceeded on the final stage of its journey to Middlebank.

16.20hrs: Seal pup arrives at Middlebank and is weighed in at 15kg. It is given reference number 30, lacerations to head are cleaned up and its left to settle after being tubed on arrival.

Many thanks to Neil West of Grampian Landscape Services, BDMLR Medics Paul Horne, Willie Taylor, Peter Taylor, Jacque Watt, BDMLR Medic and Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft, BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson, SSPCA Middlebank.

Bob Pert
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Deputy Co-ordinator