British Divers Marine Life Rescue
British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2006-01-21 14:34:03

Montrose Fulmar rescue

13.00 hrs Although it's very early for the arrival of Fulmars in the area, Medic Bob Pert checked the limekilns at Boddin for any trapped Fulmars. Lo and behold there was an unfortunate inmate! Having no-one handy to act as "safety" personnel it was a nervous Bob who instructed himself on how to self protect the climb out of the kiln (self protecting the climb out means using two ends of rope and it's not a good idea to abseil on the wrong one!). Once at the bottom it was obvious the bird had not been there too long as first it ran one way then he other, darned thing must have been a Olympic hopeful. Once caught it was checked for signs of malnutrition but was deemed "fit as a fiddle" due to the plumpness of its body and the vicious bite! Back at the top of the kiln, after a few moments of reorientation, it took off towards the sea.

Bob Pert
Montrose Deputy Co-ordinator